What should we pay attention to when install Wifi bridge ?

What should we pay attention to when installing a Wi-Fi bridge?


1. Install the Pole to fix the wireless network bridge

When installing the wireless network bridge, the first is to make sure the wireless network bridge equipment bracket is fixed, the stability of the bracket is directly related to the stabilizing effect of signal transmission. During the installation process, due to the smooth surface of the bracket, a layer of rubber ring should be installed on the bracket, coming in close contact with the U-shaped clamp code. In order to avoid long-term outdoor rain immersion, the U-type clamping code and the bracket are loose when the bracket surface is corroded. Furthermore, the signal antennas at the transmitter and receiver of the wireless bridge must be aligned to ensure the stability of the received signal.


2. Equipment hardware installation

Wireless network bridge equipment generally uses a POE power supply, so the POE power supply box must be correctly connected during the installation process. Wireless bridge. Monitor video cameras and other equipment; ensure the normal signal reception of the whole system hardware.


Wireless Bridge


3. Equipment network cable and length control

Although the wireless network bridge equipment is a wireless transmission signal, the reequipment, monitoring center, transmitter, camera, and power box still need a network cable connection. The wireless network bridge and power box (POE) connection part of the network cable should not be too long, the network cable requires CAT5e or CAT6 two network cable options. The cable length should not exceed 25 m to prevent insufficient power supply; POE webcam. Exchange board. NVR and other equipment connected to the NV cable should not exceed 100 m so as not to cause network signal attenuation. POE When the transmission data port is far away from the monitoring center or the computer room equipment (over 100 m), optical fiber transmission is recommended.


4. POE power supply box. Wireless bridge. Correct connect network equipment such as network camera or switch.

There are generally three interfaces on the POE power supply box: power interface (generally) DC-DC input), POE network port (only for wireless bridge equipment) RJ45 port), network port, or LAN port (can connect any Ethernet-based port network device, such as a webcam. Exchange board.router.computer. NVR class). Pay attention to your accuracy when connecting these three interfaces.


5. The POE selects the power supply box model

At present, the recommended use of POE external DC power supply mainly has two modular POE and an internal integrated transformer AC 220V voltage input voltage stabilization POE. It should be noted that: no matter which kind is used: POE, the interface definition is unified, the POE is marked “POE IN” network camera, switch, switch, switch, computer and other network equipment, marked “POE OUT” network port can only be connected to the wireless bridge equipment if the connection error will cause the equipment to burn out, so be careful.


6. Rain and dustproof the equipment. Insulation treatment.

Because the wireless network bridge equipment is generally installed in the outdoor environment, in extreme weather conditions, in order to ensure the safety and stability of the work of the whole equipment, the equipment for rain and dust prevention. Insulation treatment is very necessary. First, the wireless network bridge… The connection part of the POE and network camera must be rainproof and dustproof; the joint part of the wireless bridge and network cable should be wrapped with 2-3 layers of waterproof tape, preferably not the crystal head; the connection part of the network cable and network camera should be wrapped with two to three layers of waterproof tape or insulating tape; all power joints should be as insulated as possible. To avoid leakage.


7. Lightning protection treatment of the equipment

Because the equipment is installed outdoors, in order to avoid obstacles, the general position of the equipment is relatively high, so the equipment lightning protection measures must be taken; the correct lightning protection grounding method is: in the fixed wireless bridge column, wire bridge grounding terminal needs to use a copper core wire (generally 4mm2) to connect with the lightning line, connect the road surface.


8. Software debugging equipment

(1). The adjustment of wireless bridge equipment requires access to the software debugging interface through the IE browser or a third-party browser. The specific method is to change the computer’s computer first. The IP address ensures that the device IP address and the native computer IP address are in the same network segment; the operation steps are as follows: Open Operation Panel Network and Sharing Center Change Adapter Settings Local Connections Properties Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) to manually set the computer IP address.


(2). The correct plan for the wireless bridge IP address

The wireless bridge device itself is built-in to correctly plan the wireless bridge device IP address. A wireless transmission system composed of a wireless network bridge requires the extensive use of IP addresses. In order to avoid the address and address IP address conflicts of other devices in the IP LAN, we usually need to use the following two methods. First, divide the separate networks. Separate the wireless transmission network formed by the wireless network bridge from other networks (such as office network and server network) and use the core switch independently; 2, replan the equipment IP address. Wireless network bridge equipment. IP address and webcam. CR IP addresses are divided into different network segments.

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