What is the internal antenna and external Antenna for a wireless network bridge ?


 Principles of wireless network bridge signal transmission: The RF signal power output by the transmitter network bridge is transmitted to the antenna through the feeder line (cable), and the antenna then radiates in the form of electromagnetic waves. When the electromagnetic wave reaches the receiving position, it is received by the antenna and sent to the receiving end network bridge through the feeder line. It can be seen that the antenna is the transmission equipment of the wireless bridge signal. Without the antenna, the wireless bridge signal cannot be transmitted, and there is no wireless communication.


 wireless bridge


 There are many kinds of antennas with different frequencies, different uses, different occasions and different requirements.


 According to different installation methods, it can be divided into built-in antenna and external antenna;

According to the transmission direction of the signal ,it can be divided in to directional antenna and Omni Antenna;

According to different frequencies, it can be divided in to 2.4G antenna and 5.8G antenna.




We will focus on the usage of Internal antenna and external antenna  .

  • Internalantenna of wireless bridge


Since the antenna and equipment are integrated together, they are small and easy to install. It is commonly used in short distance range wireless transmission systems. Generally speaking, the built-in antenna can be used within 5 km. In addition, the gain of the built-in antenna is generally small, and the transmission distance is relatively close.


  • External antenna


 External antennas are always very large,they can not be make as internal one,so have to make it as external antenna. If the transmission distance is far, such as more than 10 km, it is recommended to use a high-gain external antenna. Generally, when using multiple one receive (point to multiple point) to transmit video signals, if you need to increase the receiving Angle, the external antenna can be used to achieve, because the Angle of the built-in antenna is relatively small, so it is not suitable at this time.


The use of wireless bridges and antennas is very flexible, which can choose different devices and antennas according to different environments, different point distribution, and different transmission distances.


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