Three ways to power a wireless AP

Wireless AP is a very useful wireless networking device. Wireless AP is widely used in many areas such as Wi-Fi coverage, CCTV, etc., so it is very common in small monitoring projects, such as broadband homes, hotels, office buildings, and warehouse and factory parks. In the network video surveillance system, not only the surveillance camera has three power supply modes, but also the wireless networking equipment A P also has a variety of power supply modes of choice.

Hereby we listed the way to power a wireless AP below.

1、 Independent power supply for the wireless AP:

12V power adapter; DC12V independent power supply requires a common switch, no need for POE, a 200-meter power cord, and a power adapter.

The AP has a DC jack, so it can support the DC adapter, when using the AP, just connect the DC adapter to the DC jack, and the cable from the switch to RJ45, then it will work.


Wireless AP


2、 POE Power supply for the wireless AP:

People can use a POE switch and POE injector to power it; the POE injector can supply power to one wireless AP, but the POE Switch can supply power to many wireless AP at the same. So if the network has many wireless AP, it will be better to use POE Switch in the network. If only one wireless AP, then can use a POE injector.

3、 SPOE power supply for wireless AP:

SPOE switch; SPOE power supply, SPOE switch, and splitter. Only the SPOE splitter is needed, a split line instead of the POE module, instead of the more original independent power supply —— power adapter. The SPOE switch is a simple version of the POE switch, and it is affordable.

POE Splitter is a device that split the Power and data, some devices only need Power and do not need cable, but some devices only need a date, do not need power, and some devices do not have a POE port, just an RJ45, and DC jack. So the POE splitter will be suitable for them. Just connect the Ethernet cable to the RJ45 port, and connect the DC plug to the DC jack, then they will work smoothly.

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