The reason why effect of the wireless  bridge is not good

Wireless bridge is widely used all over the world ,but sometimes users find out the effect of  the wireless bridge is not so good ,why ?


In addition to its own quality factors, what other reasons will lead to the poor effect of wireless network bridge?


As far as what we know according to decades production and installation experiences ,mainly have some points as below.



Wireless bridge


  1. There is a shelter between the wireless bridges


Users need to check if there are obstacles between the sending and receiving ends, such as buildings, tall trees, etc. If so, that means that the deployment is inappropriate and need to coose a suitable place and redeployment.


The installation position of the network bridge can be removed by moving the installation position and the relay mode, ensuring the visualization of the transmitter and the receiver, without the occlusion.


  1. Too many camerasconnected to the wireless bridge


Users need to check if there are too many cameras connected to the wireless bridge. You can temporarily delete several cameras, and then check the transmission effect. If solved, it is the problem of the number of cameras.



  1. Transmission distance and  angle settingsfor the wireless bridge are incorrect


If the wireless  bridge transmission effect is not good, the most intuitive expression is the weak signal, may be related to improper use, such as the transmission distance is too far, the perspective setting is unreasonable, unreasonable installation, etc.


The maximum transmission distance of the wireless network bridge is 5 km. If 6 km is used, the signal is bad; the receiver is reception if the viewing angle between the transmitter and the receiver is not set properly; in this case, the distance can be shortened and the correct view can be set.


  1. Wireless bridge is notfixed


If the transmission effect of the bridge is good during the project acceptance, and the signal is not found in the later stage, you can go to the site to see whether the wireless bridge is not fixed or blown by the wind.


  1. Same-frequency interferenceof wireless bridge is ignored


If the wireless bridge is arranged, regardless of the influence of similar equipment or co-frequency interference, or the interaction between the sender and the receiver, it can cause bad signals. You can use other frequency devices or adjust the signal channels, such as the 5.8GHz bridge with a relatively small impact frequency band.



WB-5AC-L20 is a new release  PTP Wireless bridge ,it can support Max 20KM  ,and it can support IPV6 ,TDMA V3 ,80,000PPS  VLAN Transparent ,can be widely used in long distance point to point transmission project ,sample is available ,you can contact us for more details if you have any interests .

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