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When searching for optimal WiFi connectivity, how do you ensure the most stable experience? Using a high power outdoor wifi router is best solution. The superior range is a major factor for you to choose us.


Like a router, long range outdoor wifi repeater can both transmission and receive WiFi signals. Not like a router, though, which can control input and output data flows as the AP+client mode.



outdoor wifi repeater


What Exactly does Outdoor Wifi Repeater Do?


Outdoor WiFi repeater is used to bridge the long range wireless signal in outdoor; Mainly to connect with two networks, so more than 2PCS outdoor wifi repeaters are required; One is in wireless AP operation mode, another is client or wifi repeater mode; As high power design with panel high gain antenna, the wireless PTP/PTMP range up to 20KM, successful to transmite and receive the data to management centre.


When researching outside Wi-Fi extension solutions, you could think about what’s the wifi range? How to power it? What’s the operation mode you need? What’s the frequency you required, then we can provide the best solutions for you. 



The Benefits of Using an Outdoor WIFI Repeater


It generally has the following functional indicators:


  1. Working frequency

The outdoor wifi repeater has two working frequencies of 2.4G and 5.8G. The 2.4G wireless bridge is the mainstream frequency band, with good compatibility and diffraction ability, but poor anti-interference performance. 5.8G wireless bridge has better anti-interference ability and longer transmission distance, but its diffraction ability is worse than 2.4G.


  1. Transmission rate

Wireless bridges have many transmission rates, ranging from 11n150Mbps to 11ac 900mbps. It can be selected according to the engineering requirements. For example, if high-definition wireless video monitoring transmission is required, the wireless bridge with high wireless speed should be selected, such as 900Mbps data rate.


  1. Antenna

The antenna is an important accessory of the wireless bridge. Without the antenna, the wireless bridge cannot communicate. It is used to send and receive wireless signals. The higher the antenna gain, the better the performance of the wireless bridge.


  1. Power supply

The working environment of outdoor wifi repeater usually involves many complex outdoor environments, such as forests, ports, tunnels, etc. choosing a wireless bridge that supports PoE network cable power supply can solve the problem of power supply.


  1. Anti interference

The wireless bridge mainly works outdoors. The environment is changeable and there will be many adverse natural environment factors. Therefore, it is very important that the quality and performance of the wireless bridge should be qualified.


  1. Stability

As long range data transmite and receive, the stability of the wireless bridge is a crucial point for the operation of the monitoring equipment.



Wireless bridge equipment is favored by all walks of life and is widely used in monitoring. It is also one of the important equipment for monitoring wireless transmission, especially in places with inconvenient wiring and poor construction environment. 




outdoor wifi repeater



Contact Shenzhen Yunlink Today for Help With Your Wireless Optimization


If you need coverage in the great outdoors, finding a good-range outdoor wifi repeater is crucial. The right choice can easily increase coverage by 500 feet to 20KM. You may have uninterrupted internet access for up to five kilometers with the help of some of the most powerful wifi extenders on the market today. Thus, you need a dependable firm if you want a high-quality outdoor wifi repeater, and Shenzhen Yunlink is the firm to trust for any kind of network solution.


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