Enterprise Gateway & WLAN Controller for 3000+ APs

6*2.5Gbps RJ45 Ports, Mult-WAN, 3000+ APs, 3000+ users


  • EAC3000 is a large and medium-sized enterprise gateway based on the CAPWAP protocol.


  • The product is equipped with 6*2.5Gbps network ports, 4*10 Gigabit optical ports, WAN/LAN interchangeability, and can be configured with multiple WANs. It has multiple WAN features such as WAN port load balancing, multi operator access, line backup, network overlay, and policy routing.


  • Support functions such as intelligent flow control, internet behavior management, network firewall, VPN settings, and remote access control management.


  • Allow up to 3072end users to access, provide high-speed network, maximum defense against network storms, and ensure the normal operation of the network.


  • It can be used as the main router in the network or as a bypass AC, managing and configuring 3072thin APs, and can be remotely managed and maintained in the later stage. Even in different cities and networks, administrators can monitor, manage, and configure the main page of EAC3000 at any time. The product has the characteristics of high performance, easy installation, and maintenance, greatly saving manpower and material costs in network layout.


  • EAC3000 can be used as an authentication gateway to access cloud platforms, achieving authentication methods such as advertising authentication and user authentication.


  • Widely used products: such as small and medium-sized enterprises, urban villages, hotels, internet cafes, shopping malls, and other places.
AP management Users: 3072 max
APs: 3072 max
Centralized and remote AP management
User status view
Smart flow control One-click intelligent flow control
Powerful multi-line diversion
Auto apply priority
Load balance Multi WAN, multi ISPs access
Smart load balance
Line backup
Network speed stack
Policy routing: based on source IP address, destination IP address, source MAC address, network interface, domain name, destination port, Internet interface, identity binding and other policies
Protocol banding
Online detection
Routing Static routing
Behavior management Fully block P2P software
P2P flow control and bandwidth allocation
File transfer and URL filtering
Comprehensive control of network behavior
Bandwidth Control IP based
Guarantee/limit bandwidth
Time based
IP-based session restriction
Safety MAC filter
URL filter
Web filter
IP filter
Port forwarding
Defense Center TCP/UDP/ICMP flood attack;
Block TCP scan
Block PING WAN port
ARP detection Send GARP package
WAN/LAN port ARP scan
IP-MAC band
Authentication Member, One-key, SMS, 3rd Party radius
Management Web/CLI/Telnet
Remote management
Others DDNS, VPN
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