11ax WiFi6 3600Mbps Outdoor Wireless AP Equipped with 2.5G RJ45 Port

11ax 4×4 Outdoor Wireless Access Point with IPQ8072 industrial CPU
1*10/100/1000/2500Mbps RJ45 ports, support PoE power supply
Support MU-MIMO, Wave2.0, OFDMA and Seamless Roaming
Work with AP controller and cloud management


HWAP-AX880 is an 11ax Wi-Fi standard Qualcomm Chipset high power industrial Ceiling Wireless Access Point support MU-MIMO, Wave2.0, OFDMA and Seamless Roaming.

It comply with 802.11ax, 4*4 MIMO technology, dual band, up to 3657Mbps data rate; equipped with 2.5G WAN & LAN ports, support MU-MIMO and DL/UL-OFDMA modulation, faster Ethernet data rate and more users, then multiple users can upload or download multiple packets at same time, narrower subcarrier spacing and longer symbol time, improved the stability and data processing efficiency, publicly to be used in high density access environment,with IP67 proof ,it supports both external Omni Antenna and Sector Antenna which can be used in many different environments.


Main Features:

  • Qualcomm 6-core enterprise CPU with more stable performance.
  • 2.5G Ethernet port. Using 2.5Gbps Ethernet port, compared with Gigabit port, the speed is greatly improved, so that the wired interface is no longer the bottleneck of wireless transmission,.
  • Wireless data rate up to 3.6Gbps. 802.11ax support 1024QAM, long OFDM symbol, 160M bandwidth and 11ax 4×4 MIMO technology, the wireless data rate up to 3.6Gbps, meet with demand of high-speed applications such as VR/ AR, 4K or 8K stream media.
  • 1024-QAM Modulation Mode. 802.11ax adopt 1024-QAM modulation, which is more efficient than 802.11ac modulation, the throughput of single spatial traffic is increased by 25%.
  • DL/ UL MU-MIMO 802.11ax support both downlink MU-MIMO and uplink MU-MIMO. It can communicate with multiple end users at the same time, greatly improving the user’s uplink transmission rate and the system’s uplink and downlink capacity, improving the efficiency of multi-user concurrent scenarios, reducing the terminal application latency.
  • TWT (Target Wake-up Time). 802.11ax support TWT, allowing devices to negotiate when need to wake up, send and receive data. In additional, wireless AP can group the device into different TWT cycles, increase sleep time, reduce the device competing after wake-up, and save the device power.
  • Coverage Improvement. 802.11ax support long OFDM symbol transmission mechanism and 2MHz narrowband transmission, effectively reduced the packet loss rate and noise interference, improve the receive sensitivity and increase the WiFi coverage.
  • Improvement of Anti-Interference Ability. 802.11ax support BSS color bit and dynamic CCA-SD (Clear Channel Assessment Signal Detection) threshold and power adjustment, effectively alleviates the channel interference in multi-users scenarios, improve the utilization of spectrum resources.



Hardware Spec:


IPQ8072A +QCN5054+QCN5024+QCA8081*2




512MB (16 bit) *2=1GB, max up to 2GB



2.4G Frequency

2.4GHz – 2.484GHz

2.4G Wi-Fi standard


5.8G Frequency


5.8G Wi-Fi Standard

802.11 a/n/ac/ax


1 * 10/100 /1000/2500Mbps RJ45 WAN Port

1 * 10/100 / 1000/2500Mbps RJ45 LAN Port

1 * Reset

1* Bluetooth(optional)

1 * DC Port


IPEX Connector, 4*4dBi dual band omni antennas

Data Rate

3657Mbps ( 2.4G: 1182Mbps (11ax 4×4); 5.8G: 2475Mbps (11ax 4×4))

End Users


RF Power

2.4G ≤ 20dBm

5.8G ≤ 19dBm




48V (IEEE 802.3at+)

LED light

Sys; 5.8G wifi; 2.4G wifi; WAN; LAN

Max Power Consumption

≤ 22W


198mm * 198mm * 41. mm

Working Temperature

-20°C to 45°C

Storage Temperature

0°C to 70°C


5%~95% (non-condensing)

Working Mode

Gateway, AP

Wireless Functions

Multiple SSID functions: 2.4GHz: 4; 5.8GHz: 4.


Support SSID hidden


Support seamless roaming, 802.11kvr standard.


Support 5G Prior for a faster Ethernet.


Wireless Security: Open, WPA, WPA2PSK_TKIPAES, WAP2_EAP, 802.1x


Support MAC filter


Support Wi-Fi time on/off to save energy


Support client isolation to improve the wireless stability


Support RF power adjustable, adjust the RF power based on environment.


Support user quantity limited, Max 64 users to access each band.

Networking Function

VLAN settings


Cloud access support in gateway mode

Device Management

Back-up the configuration


Restore the configuration


Reset to factory default


Reboot the device: including time reboot or reboot immediately


Admin management password modify


Firmware upgrade


System log


Support firmware GUI web management, AC controller management, remote management and cloud management



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