2.4G 300Mbps Outdoor CPE with LED Display, simple to configure

1KM transmit outdoor distance, 24V passive PoE power supply
With LED display and push button, easy to configure the PTP/PTMP connections
IP65 water-proof level, ESD and surge protection
Cloud access and management

CPE120M is a hot sell 300Mbps outdoor CPE with LED display to configure the WDS PT/PTMP connection. It complies with IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard, with 8dBi dual polarized high gain antenna, the PTP/PTMP distance is more than 1000 meters.


It support Wireless AP, Wireless Bridge operation mode for PTP/PTMP connections, with LED display, easy to setup CPE120M’s operation mode, IP address, Channel by Function/Selection switch together with LED display, no need to access into GUI, avoid the complex setup program, and simple to view the connection status and signal strength by LED display, save much human work and cost, make the long range wireless coverage, data transmit and wireless monitoring simple and professional.


CPE120M with ABS waterproof, dustproof and sunscreen shell, temperature adaptive also; Meantime, it supports 24V passive PoE and 4KV lightning protection, ideal for outdoor use; 


Most Important, CPE120M support watchdog self-detection function, reboot and recover device automatically if some network attack. Besides that, it support cloud remote management, administrator can monitor the working status, upgrade firmware, reboot, timed reboot device through cloud server, recover and maintain device at any time and any location, operator level outdoor PTP/PTMP connection equipment.


Main Features:

Solution for Indoor/ Outdoor Video Data Transmission.

Professional outdoor shell suit for multiple harsh environments.


Adopt outdoor ABS plastic shell, simple and elegant! Support professional lightning protection, IP65 water-proof, dust-proof, suit for multiple harsh environments. Even in extreme hot and cold environment (-40℃ – 70℃), also can work stably.


LED Display and Button Press to Bridge. With visible LED display to show host/ client mode/ signal strength/ IP address, then with H/ C button, press it to change the host/ client mode for quickly point to point and point to multi-point wireless connection, simple to install and degu, cost saving.

AP + Bridge operation mode, more stable. Support AP and bridge operation mode, simple to built the PTP/ PTMP connections, meet with multiple Wi-Fi transmission scheme demands.


Adjustable RF Power. The transmission RF power is adjustable based on environment. Cut down RF power in place with high density of people or wireless AP, or increase RF power in long range place to improve the performance.


Patent QSDK firmware, independent core algorithm. HiMAX private protocol, effectively avoid Ei-Fi interference.

Designed for indoor wireless transmission, distance up to 1000 meters. Receive distance up to 1000 meters, easy to transmit 4K video.


Elevator monitoring application scenarios. 2.4GHz frequency, 300Mbps high speed, effectively ensure clear and smooth monitoring picture.










2.4G Frequency

2.4GHz – 2.484GHz


1 * 10/100 RJ45 WAN Port

1 * 10/100 RJ45 LAN Port

1 * Reset Button

1 * S/ M Switch

2 * Function Buttons


Built-in 8 dBi directional antenna

Data Rate


End Users


2.4G RF Power

≤ 21dBm




24V Passive POE

LED light


Power Consumption

≤ 5W







Operating Temperature: -30~55 ℃

Limit working temperature: -40~70 ℃

Storage Temperature: -40~70 ℃

Humidity: 5%~95% non-condensing

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