How to use WiFi bridge to build PTP,PTMP connection easily ?

WFi Bridge is widely used in all kinds of area such as CCTV,WLAN, extend WiFi,but this kind of device is a kind of professional device for common users and hard to understand and use ,so easy and fast to use is very important for them  .


The old way to build PTP connections needs to login Web for both WiFi bridge ,and then need to look for the target WiFi from another device ,it is hard to use and takes time ,not friendly to users .And most of the time the users does not know how to operate step by step .


Considering users requirements ,our WiFi bridge is developed to make it easy and fast to use, especially friendly to end users .


Yunlink WiFi bridge/CPE provide a easy way to common users to build PTP,PTMP connections,even the user knows little about the device .Yunlink WiFi bridge use AP+Repeater mode to pair ,and use the buttons and led display in WiFi bridge to pair .


All the WiFi bridge has a led display ,the led display can show IP address ,channel ,and signal strength ,then users can check these information through LED display .And users can also change IP address ,channel through the buttons ,no need to login WEB,it is very convenient.



Secondly ,there is a switch which users can switch one WiFi bridge from AP mode to repeater mode .After everything is done ,just press reset button ,the 2 WiFi bridge will connect automatically .In the whole operation ,only need 2 steps ,and take about 2 minutes ,it’s really a fast and easy way to pair them  .



What’s more ,the users will not be worried about how to use the device ,and without technical guys they can also configure the device ,it will save time and energy for them  .

For examples ,CPE120M is a 2.4G 300M WiFi bridge  ,the PTP distance is around 1KM,the default operation mode is AP mode .Then if we want to use 2pcs CPE120M to do PTP connection ,just need to do the steps as below:


  1. Switch one device H to C , then this device will be repeater mode .
  2. After it reboots ,press reset button of the both device ,they will connect each other ,what you need to do it wait .

Once the PTP connection is done ,the led display will show signal strength ,it means they are paired successfully .


It is so easy to use !

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