How to choose the correct wireless AP?

Nowadays, the internet is all around our life, and we can not leave the internet, with the development of science and technology, network technology is also constantly updated and progressing, compared with the traditional network, the internet has changed quite a lot.


Wireless AP, as the center point of wireless networks, people know little about it. Although people know it is very powerful, do not know how to choose it correctly, so here are the instructions on how to choose the correct wireless AP for you.


wireless AP


  1. Select a wireless AP according to your requirements as below:


  • Environmental characteristics: indoor or outdoor use;
  • Installation method: ceiling Mount, in-wall, etc.;
  • Wi-Fi Coverage: a single room, multiple rooms, area coverage, fixed-point coverage, high-density coverage, etc.;
  • End users can support 10 users,50 users,100 users, or more.


  1. Suppose we will need to make a solution for the hotel.


So this is for the indoor users, we can choose between a wall wireless AP and a ceiling mount wireless AP. And then we need to consider where and how to install the wireless AP.

  • Lobby:  This place is big, with fewer obstacles, we can choose ceiling AP, we have Wi-Fi 5 11AC Ceiling AP  and Wi-Fi 6 11AX Ceiling AP, it depends on the project budget and project requirements to choose the right one.
  • Room: A normal size room can choose  in wall wireless  AP because the space is not big, an in-wall AP can ensure a stable wireless coverage effect;


  1. How to choose the coverage of the wireless AP:


  • Ceiling  AP: It can cover about 6 rooms, or with a radius of about 12 meters, it will be better to use it in an open environment;
  • Panel AP: covering the space of about 2 surrounding rooms, the wireless coverage effect signal is stable, normally we put one AP in one room to ensure a good effect.


In general, choosing the correct and suitable wireless AP should depend on the project budget and project requirements, not the more expensive, the better. Sometimes, no need for very high-standard AP, just a common one is enough, thus we can save the cost.


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