How to choose the correct WiFi device for your project?

There are many WiFi products from us like indoor AP,outdoor AP,outdoor CPE ,WiFi router,etc so ,for some users do not familiar with the products,it is hard to choose the right products for your projects .













Generally speaking ,the WiFi products can be divided into two types,WiFi coverage or data transfer .


Used for WiFi Coverage


For WiFi coverage use,if it is indoor project like hotel ,restaurant ,then we can use ceiling AP ,inwall AP as WiFi transmit ,of course we also need other devices like Gateway,controller ,POE switch .POE switch is used to power AP ,all the AP supports POE ,then AP no need extra POE injector ,it will makes the connection more convenient and easy to deploy  .















For hotel project ,we can put in wall AP in each room and put ceiling AP in lobby ,both ceiling AP and in wall AP can choose dual band 11AC device ,the cost of 11AC device is not high but the WiFi rate is very good compared to 11N 2.4G device ,then the users will have a good WiFi experience.


If the project is outdoor WiFi coverage ,then we need to choose the device support water proof ,like IP65 outdoor Access point ,then it can work good in different environment  without any problem .Once the product is installed but have problem ,the maintenance will be very hard .


If the area if not big ,then we can choose 360 degree Omni Antenna with dual band 11AC radio ,then the uses around can use WiFi smoothly,11AC dual band AP can support more end users  .But if the area is big ,then can use sector Antenna ,it can support longer distance .


Used for data transfer


For data transfer ,mainly use WiFi bridge for PTP ,PTMP  ,but we need to know what is the distance between them ,it is the PTP,PTMP range  .For different device ,the PTP ,PTMP distance is different ,our devices support 1-10KM PTP distance , so choose the suitable is very important ,the cost will not be so high  .


What’s more ,the frequency is also very important .If the area has much noise ,then we’d better choose 5.8G device ,because 5.8G has more frequency ,the noise can be less ,it will not have big effect on the transfer  .But if the area has little noise  and the budget is limited ,then we can choose 2.4G 11N device .


Yunlink WiFi bridge supports easy ,fast ,friendly to use,it can help users to save time and energy during the installation .

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