How to choose a suitable Wifi bridge for your project?

Wifi bridge is a wireless monitoring device widely used in the field of wireless monitoring CCTV. Such as wireless AP, wireless routers,  not used to build a wifi network, but to transmit video data wirelessly.Wifi bridge supports both PTP and PTMP connections for different use .But how to choose a suitable wifi bridge is very important ,not the more expensive,the better .




Wifi bridge



Generally Speaking, it has the following points :


  1. Workingfrequency


Wifi bridge has two working frequencies ,it is 2.4G and 5.8G. The 2.4G Wifi bridge is widely used, with good compatibility and diffraction ability, but poor anti-interference performance. The 5.8G Wifi bridge has better anti-interference capability and farther transmission distance, but it has worse diffraction capability than 2.4G.So for the place with less noise ,you can choose 2.4G device,otherwise you’d better to choose 5.8G .


  1. Transmission speed


Wifi bridges have many transmission rates, ranging from 150Mbps to 900Mbps.Users can choose different rates according to different needs, such as high-definition wireless video surveillance transmission will need a high Wifi bridge,otherwise the experience will not be good .


  1. Antenna


Antenna is an important accessory of the Wifi bridge. Without the antenna, the Wifi bridge cannot communicate. It is used to send and receive wireless signals. The bigger the antenna gain, the better the performance of the wireless bridge.And some projects need longer distance such as 5KM,10KM  ,it will need the antenna with higher gain .


  1. Power supply mode


The working environment of the Wifi bridge usually involves many complex outdoor environments, such as forests, ports, tunnels and other places. Choosing the Wifi bridge that supports POE network cable power supply can well solve the problem of power supply trouble,no need to have extra power supply ,POE can support both Power and data at the same time ,just use one network cable to solve it  .


  1. Anti-interference


Wifi bridge mainly works outdoors, and the environment is changeable,  there will be many harsh natural environment factors, so the quality and performance of the Wifi bridge should be qualified, which is very important.


  1. stability


 The stability of the wireless bridge is crucial for monitoring the operation of the equipment.Some places are very hard to reach  ,the maintenance fees will be very high ,so choose a stable wifi bridge is very important for projects .


 Wifi bridge equipment is favored by all walks of life, is widely used in monitoring, and is also one of the important equipment to be monitored in wireless transmission, especially where the wiring is not convenient, and the poor construction environment is widely used.


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