How to avoid the interference for wifi bridge?

wifi bridge is simply the bridge of the wireless network, which builds a communication bridge between two or several networks; the wifi bridge is divided into a circuit network bridge and a data network bridge from the communication mechanism.


1. The Influence of outside  buildings for wifi bridge

When the object is shielded during the networking signal transmission process, if the signal transmission distance is very close, the transmission direction in the shielding environment will change somewhat, leading to the reflection and attenuation of the signal. Although the signal can be received, the received signal strength is very weak, and the bandwidth is greatly attenuated.
Signal attenuation is also increased if a metal object is encountered during transmission. If the transmission is blocked from transmitting video streaming, then the signal stability is certainly difficult to guarantee. However, the bandwidth demand of the transmission network signal is not large, so the transmission network signal can basically meet the demand in the shielding environment.

Therefore, when choosing the installation position of the wireless monitoring device, the middle has no shielding as far as possible, and the sending terminal can see the middle of the receiving terminal, avoiding the attenuation of the microwave signal, and the monitoring center can receive high-intensity network signals, so as to improve the regulatory effect. If there is a barrier between the sender and receiver, we can bypass the intermediate barrier by relay.


2. Influence of similar equipment  for wifi bridge

In the wireless monitoring system, the simulated wireless monitoring system is simplified, and the interference source can only be investigated slowly when encountered. The data wireless monitoring equipment belongs to the intelligent wireless monitoring system, as long as we can scan the same number of times around through the software, and then set the bypass frequency.

Currently, wireless monitoring devices are everywhere, such as mobile. Unicom signal tower.walkie-talkie. Wireless and others are transmitted through network signals, which will certainly have an impact on wireless monitoring devices. However, the data wireless monitoring device bypasses signal interference from similar or identical functional devices. The signal source of such interfering signals may be a normal signal source in our system. With the same or similar frequencies, the receiver may not receive or receive the same signal, making it difficult to identify the receiving terminal.

In this case, we can adjust the number of wireless devices, select a clean channel, or change the position of the wireless device transmitter or receiver to turn on the distance between the devices.


How to avoid the interference for wifi bridge


3. How to judge whether the  for wifi bridge  is affected

If there is a loss of packages, it can be judged by the monitoring screen. The interface is unstable. clutter. Black pattern. If ripples and other phenomena indicate that the equipment is affected, you need to identify the cause one by one.

No device has any effect on wireless, such as moving. Unicom signal tower.walkie-talkie. Wireless phones and others have no impact on wireless microwave devices. In the case of a source, the device frequency can be adjusted or selected away from the source, greatly reducing the impact on the wireless microwave device.


In addition to the impact, the wifi bridge also may have the following failures.

1. Unable to transmit or receive signals: To check the network cable, and see if it has a problem, then replace the crystal head, and finally see whether the network port of the equipment is damaged.

2. The monitor is intermittent, and the wireless bridge signal strength is very low: in this case, first, check whether the distance between the wireless bridge is within the applicable range; second, check whether the antenna perspective is correct, or try to use the antenna with higher gain.

3. If there is only one P / S light on the wireless bridge, always can not Ping: first restore the wireless bridge to the factory setting, then reconfigure;  the PoE power module depends on normal use. If not, connect the wireless bridge to the computer to see if it fails, if not, then the wireless bridge may be broken.

4. Communication interruption after a thunderstorm: first, check whether the PoE power supply is burned down, then check whether the network port is normal, and finally check whether the equipment burns the main board due to a lightning strike. In general, lightning protection measures are recommended before installing a wifi bridge in a thunderstorm area.

5. After the wireless bridge connection is normal, the PoE display light is off, disconnect the link, and light up immediately: First, check whether the wireless bridge is short-circuited, if short-circuits, replace the wireless bridge.

6. Discontinuous transmission signal: First, check whether the channels at both ends of the wireless bridge are consistent, then check whether the country code is different, and finally, check whether the wireless bridge version is the same (arranged according to the problem frequency, the smaller the probability.

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