How many users can the wireless AP support ?

People always want to ask how many users an AP can support, although it will not have many users in the place.


 To be precise, there is no standard answer for how many end-users a wireless AP can support because the network application situation is changing in different usage scenarios.


 Therefore, in order to ensure that the communication speed of the entire wireless network is not affected, it mainly refers to the chipset and memory size. On one hand, the higher the level of the wireless AP chipset, the higher the throughput; on the other hand, memory is also an important factor.


Limited by the chipset and CPU capabilities, the number of users of wireless AP can support is not more than 10. Enterprise wireless AP performance is good, the general working mode can support 25-40 users to use the internet normally, and can access about 130 users, but access does not mean that it can expand the traffic application. Every user will need throughput, and bandwidth, if there are too many users using the internet then the average bandwidth will be very low, even can not use the internet, although the signal is good.


How many users can AP  support


AND what are the conditions for wireless AP for seamless roaming? Seamless roaming refers to:


  1. Seamless wireless signal coverage and the client can freely and timely switch;


  1. When the client moves, the wireless network switching time is short without disrupting the applications;


  1. The key is that —— does not interrupt when roaming across three layers.


Secondly, wireless AP must achieve the following conditions:


  1. The wireless AP SSID is identical (case-sensitive);


  1. The IP address assigned by the wireless AP must be in the same network segment and be in the same VLAN;


  1. Wireless AP must use the same Internet access template;


  1. Wireless AP with signals covering each other must use different channels;


  1. The distance between wireless AP should be lower than the coverage of wireless AP, otherwise, there will be no blind access to the Internet.


 If you can do these points above, then you can be roaming between the different AP without a problem.

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