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Requirement Analysis

  1. As high floors, many obstacles in industrial park or office, prefer to use outdoor CPE’ to provide strong wall-pass-through signal for wireless monitoring. It effective solved high cost wiring, bad images, strong Wi-Fi Interference and slow video surveillance problems.
  2. It provide 24 hours video surveillance in the whole day, monitor the exit place and other import area, to avoid fire, prevent illegal activities, ensure people’s life and property safety.
  3. Use high power wireless access point to provide seamless wireless coverage for end users or visitors, efficiency to improve the work and living standard.



Seamless Wireless Coverage

Provide full seamless wireless coverage in office and industrial zone, facilitate employees and visitors to access into wireless Ethernet at any time and any place; Then provide strong less Wi-Fi interference wireless signal for more IP cameras, improve the video surveillance quality and save device cost.


Centralized Configuration and Management

AC controller can do the centralized, rapid and smart management in installation and maintenance, saved the cost and keep the whole network system run in stable always.


Data Isolation to Ensure Network Secure

Industrial park ask for high security wireless network as some important office documents, so data security and isolation is am important element in this solution. Use VLAN Switch to do port isolation; Then wireless AP support multiple SSID, different SSID banding with different VLAN ID to do data isolation; different users access into different SSID to protect the whole network security.


Simple Maintenance

If no simple maintenance system, the maintenance cost will be high as large size and multiple device in industrial zone; Adopt AC controller to do centralized management and remote maintenance, simple to monitor and recover the network any time and any place.


Device List




Authentication Gateway+AC Controller


AC950 is an middle size Enterprise Gateway based on CAPWAP protocol. With Intel CPU,Multi-Gigabit-WAN ports up to 3, with Load Balance, Ethernet backup and Ethernet Superimposed functions; Allow 500 end users to access;

It is an professional WLAN Controller, max to manage 500PCS wireless access point in centrally or remotely, plug and play.

Access into cloud server, it work as authentication gateway to achieve Advertisement and Captive Portal Authentication like Facebook/Google/WeChat/Member login; Besides that, authentication can access into cloud server,login AC950’s web interface to do remote maintenance.

PoE Switch


SP-926 is 26 ports PoE Switch comply with IEEE802.3af/at PoE standard, made up by 24*10/100/1000Mbps PoE ports, 2*Gigabit uplink ports, 2*SFP fiber injector,

The total PoE power up to 430W, max 30W for each PoE port.

Ceiling Wireless AP


XD3200 is an Qualcomm Chipset high power industrial Ceiling Wireless Access Point with Gigabit WAN & LAN ports. Comply with 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, dual band,1200Mbps data rate, make 128 end users can access into it; Support IEEE802.3at PoE standard,widely be used in school, hospital,hotel, office, shopping mall to provide high speed wireless access.

Outdoor Wireless AP


11ac 1200Mbps Outdoor wireless AP with Gigabit WAN port dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency with 100+ end users, high RF power with external omni/panel antenna for more Wi-Fi range; Work with WLAN controller for central management and cloud server for remote management.

Outdoor CPE


Comply with IEEE802.11ac/a/n standard, 5GHz, the data rate up to 900Mbps, with wireless AP, Gateway, WISP, Wi-Fi Repeater, Super WDS multiple operation mode, high RF power with 18bBi panel high gain antenna for 10KM distance; Work with WLAN controller for centralized and remote management.

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