The reason why effect of the wireless  bridge is not good

Wireless bridge is widely used all over the world ,but sometimes users find out the effect of the wireless bridge is not so good ,why ? In addition to its own quality factors, what other reasons will lead to the poor effect of wireless network bridge? As far as what we know according to decades production and install

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How to avoid the interference for wifi bridge?

Wifi bridge is simply the bridge of the wireless network, which builds a communication bridge between two or several networks; the wifi bridge is divided into a circuit network bridge and a data network bridge from the communication mechanism. 1. The Influence of outside buildings for wifi bridge When the object is sh

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Why Wireless AP is more expensive than wireless  router ?

Generally speaking, Wireless AP is the wireless device we always use except wireless router. Wireless router is widely used at home, but for commercial area, like hotel, supermarket, hospital, we always use wireless AP. In general, the average cost for wireless AP will be higher than wireless routers.why? Wireless AP

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How to choose a suitable Wifi bridge for your project?

Wifi bridgeis a wireless monitoring device widely used in the field of wireless monitoringCCTV. Such as wireless AP,wireless routers, not used to build a wifinetwork, but to transmit video data wirelessly.Wifi bridge supports both PTP and PTMP connections for different use .But how to choose a suitable wifi bridge is v

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